How to Add Table of Contents to WordPress Blog

In this quick video tutorial, I will show you how to add Table of Contents to WordPress blog. The Table of Contents is a nested list of links to all heading found in the post or page. When used, it improves overall accessibility and user experience.

Table of Contents

How to Add Table of Contents

We’ll use a simple block plugin called “SimpleTOC – Table of Contents Block” to add Table of Contents. Follow the below steps to add the Table of Contents to your blog post –

Step 1: Download SimpleTOC plugin from WordPress repository

Step 2: Watch this video to learn how to install and configure the plugin

Step 3: Start adding to every post/page or wherever required

Plugin Features

  • Designed for Gutenberg.
  • Simple configuration
  • Minimal and valid HTML output
  • Accordion option available
  • Style SimpleTOC with Gutenberg’s native group styling options
  • Inherits the style of your theme
  • Smooth scrolling effect using CSS
  • Native block support for wide and full width
  • You can control the maximum depth of the headings

Advantages of using Table of Contents

  • It makes it easier for readers to navigate through different sections of your content
  • It makes your page or post overall more accessible
  • It will encourage you to properly use headings and sub-headings
  • There is an increase in CTR (click-through rate) from Search in Google
  • It can make your page appear more professional

Simple CSS Customization

.simpletoc .active, .simpletoc-collapsible:hover {
  color: #111111;

Now you know the advantages and benefits of using Table of Contents, so start using it on your blog post immediately.

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